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xcherryxburryx's Journal

*******, 10 year olds, 22, acting, aim, alcohal, alice, andy, annoyance, artichokes, ashton kutcher!!!!, bathrooms, beach, being a bitch, being a turkey, being alone, being bored, belly rings, billie joe armstrong, blankets, bracelets, broken dreams, cereal, cheese, cherrys, chickens, clicky stuff, clouds, crayons, crying, cupcakes, dancing, dark lipstick, darkness, deception, depressing songs, deranged homosexuals from jupiter, dog shit, doggys, drama, duckys, earrings, eyeliner, fat people, fishys, flowers, freaks, freaky ppl, french ppl, frogs, geeks, ghosts, girrafes, going crazy, goths, green day, groundation, haim ze lo akol, hairbands, halloween, hippies, holidays, homo's, homosexuals, hott people, ice, individuality, israel, jews, jlksjflkasjflkajsd, laffing, lalaland!, linkin park, lotion, making fun of ppl, maya, meital!, mice, music, my birthday, my buddies, my chemical romance, my computer, my cuzzys, my house, my journal, nail polish, needles, nerds, nickels, noy!!!!!, paperclips, parties, pen caps, pennies, pens, pictures, pillows, preps, pretendint 2 be stupid, q tips, rain, reading, really gay ppl, rejection, retards, robin, sadness, safety pins, sand, scissors, scouts, sexy bitches, shampoo, sharkies, sharks, shells, shit!, shoelaces, sick ppl, sleeping, slippers, smilies, snoopie, socks, spoons, squirels, starfish, talking, talking to noy, telly phones, time, trees, turtles, ugly people, uniquness, veins, watching mv's, water, windows, witchies, writing, xxxxxxxx